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The greatest gift you can give yourself is a beautiful space that you can call your own. And when dabbed in luxury, the very space becomes a happy universe that conjures up an unforgettable living experience. Tancica is just about that experience. It is the veil over unbridled luxury and boundless sophistication.

Tancica is Slovenian for ‘Veil’

The daily grind of our lives cannot steal one thing from us: the fun of living, playing and growing with your loved ones in the most wonderful of places on earth – our homes. A home at TANČICA is as much contemporary chic as a comfortable family abode you can call your own. A truly unequalled living experience in comfort, safety and privacy awaits you.

Mixing the past and the present, fusing space with impressions of the future,TANCICA is the veil of discovery, of the true self.

One past one kilometer to everything that you need is something generous and availing that this locality has in store for you. Embedded with environments suiting every purpose, this area shelters ground breaking IT hubs, in-vogue shopping malls, highly defined movie theatres, the-happening clubs, mouth tickling restaurants, all-star hotels, wonderment and peace.

To top it all, the vicinity is enclosed within natural greens and serendipity, kept away from pollution and serpentine traffic jams. Commuting here is as smooth as butter, garnered by public transportation, broad roads and spick spots.

The project is coming up near Hyderabad’s fastest growing business district - Gachibowli. It enjoys close proximity to IT giants like Wipro, Infosys, Microsoft, Polaris, CA, Kanbay, UBS Financial District, proposed US Consulate, ILS Park, HITEC City, third campus of Wipro and educational institutions like Hyderabad Central University, ISB and IIIT.

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